This is a four-valve advanced euphonium with a non-compensating fourth valve in front of its main branch. This model is ideal for the student euphonium player, as the fourth valve is operated by the left hand while the first three valves are...
$5,990.00 $4,792.00
Key of Bb, compensating system .591" bore, .670: 4th valve bore 11 1/2" yellow brass, upright bell Stainless steel pistons Silver-plated finish Large shank American mouthpiece receiver Mouthpiece and upgraded fiberglass case
MODEL EEP426 Key of Bb, .571” bore, rose brass leadpipe 11” yellow brass upright belll 3 top action pistons + 1 side piston Epoxy lacquer finish Large shank mouthpiece and case
$5,569.00 $4,029.00
Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability Stress-free assembly facilitataes improved performance and increased tonal clarity Stainless Steel Pistons have...