About Us

At Milano Music Center, we have a passion for great music. Our goal has always been to provide high-quality instruments and get them in the hands of talented musicians. Along the way, we’ve had the honor of seeing our instruments spark the creativity of countless performers. We would love to be a part of your musical journey, too.


Our History

We may be one of the biggest and most trusted music centers in the southwest now, but that wasn’t always the case. We got our humble start back in 1946 as an accordion studio. From the very beginning, we choose to focus on musicians more than anything else. For the past 75 years, we’ve been making it easy for musicians to get high-quality instruments at an affordable price.


Exceptional Service Meets Modern Technology


We believe that modern technology is good for music. Some pretty amazing things happen when you mix classic and new. That's why we offer complete online services in addition to our phenomenal music center programs in the state:


- Online rentals
- Online musical instrument sales
- Online music lessons
- Online text or video chat help
- Online payment options

At Milano Music Center, we have a reputation for warm, friendly service and music expertise. Our experts can recommend an instrument that makes your child happy and fits your budget. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase an instrument, we can help.


Effortless Rentals

Renting is a popular option for band and orchestra instruments. We were one of the first music businesses in Arizona to offer instrument rentals, and now we’ve taken things further with online rentals:


- Beginning band instruments: Alto saxophone, trombone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, snare drum, and others
- Advanced band instruments: Tuba, baritone, French horn, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, oboe, and others
- Beginning orchestra instruments: cello, bass, viola, and violin
- Advanced orchestra instruments: “A,” “AA,” and “AAA” level violins, violas, and cellos.


We support local schools in the Phoenix metro and all across Arizona with rental programs.


Why Choose Instrument Rental?


For many parents and students, renting instruments is a great idea. Rentals allow your child to experiment with an instrument to see if it’s a good fit for their musical style. As they progress in ability and become more confident, you can select more advanced models that provide a greater amount of finesse.


It’s not all that surprising for students to discover that their first choice doesn’t ignite their musical passion as much as a different instrument. By renting, you allow children to go where their heart leads. John Lennon’s first instrument was the banjo, but that’s not the instrument most people remember when thinking about his music.


The Benefits of Online Rental Programs


By choosing online instrument rental, your child can begin playing quickly and easily. You don’t need to drive to our music center to pick out an instrument. You can look through our options and request an instrument right now, from home.


One of the reasons we’re a popular choice for instruments with parents and students is that we’re helpful and trustworthy. We keep prices low, but we also provide quality instruments that have been expertly serviced and sanitized before reaching you.


You never have to worry about hidden fees or extra charges — what you see on the website is exactly what you can expect, and prices include taxes and no-deductible instrument insurance. If something happens to the instrument, we exchange it right away.


High-Quality Instruments for Your Preferred Price


Our musical instrument selection is unsurpassed. Musicians in search of top names such as Gibson, Fender, Selmer Paris, Eastman, and Pearl can find exactly what they want. Music aficionados can choose from an endless variety of acoustic and electric instruments:


- Brass
- Woodwinds
- Strings
- Guitars
- Drums & percussion
- Pianos & keyboards
- Mixers & recording equipment


Complete Online Ordering


We make buying musical instruments online a breeze. Just sign in to your account, select the instrument you want to purchase, choose your preferred online payment option, and you’re good to go. Our online customer service agents know music, so they can help answer your questions and point out the advantages of different models.


The Best Place to Rent or Buy Musical Instruments in Phoenix and the State


Some musicians love visiting Milano Music Center in the valley in person to get a feel for their ideal instrument. Other clients prefer taking care of instrument purchases and rental from the comfort of home. Shop our selection of musical instruments, or check out our rental options right away. Contact us for personalized assistance from music pros.


Our wish for you, our online customer, is to be able to experience the same excitement and satisfaction of our customers who have walked through our doors during the past 70 years. From our humble beginnings in 1946 as an accordion studio to our current 50,000 square-foot showroom and repair facility, it has forever been about sharing our enthusiasm of music with others. Technology has finally caught up with my dream of sharing all of this with you - no matter where you currently reside.

Please enjoy the site and let me know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience any better.

Frank Milano 
Milano Music Center