Rental FAQ

Q: I want to rent an instrument for my child. What is your rental program and what do I do?

Our rental program is month-to-month, and the monthly payment includes both tax and full-coverage insurance. You can rent either online or in person. For online, just go to beginning band or orchestra and fill out the information for the rental. You can also, on that page, select to get all the books and accessories you may need. We can do in-store pickup, we can deliver it to the school, or we can deliver it to a rental depot closer to you all for free.


Q: How do I make an exchange?

To make an exchange, please go to the “rental depots” tab on our website and give the one nearest you a call. Odds are, the instrument you need will be in stock, and they will be able to do the exchange for you. If they don’t have it, we can always send one to the depot, or, if you need the instrument in a more timely manner, you can always come to our Mesa location and we can swap it the same day. 


Q: We have been renting several years. Wasn’t there some sort of store credit? How does that work again? 

We take whatever has accrued in your equity account and put that toward the retail price of any of our brand-new instruments within band and orchestra. If there is anything that is left, we take an extra 30% off of the remainder. In order to discuss your rental account further, please give us a call at 480-827-1111 and ask for the Band and Orchestra department.


Q; We want to return the rental instrument.  How do we do it?

To return an instrument, just bring it into any of the locations listed under the “rental depots” tab on our website. They will be able to write you a return receipt and help close that account. Click here for a link to that page,


Q: I need to update my payment information for our rental.

Go ahead and give us a call at 480-827-1111 and ask for the office. They can help you get set up for auto-pay or statement billing.


Q: I live our of state and I want to rent an insturment. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, we do not rent out-of-state. I would recommend searching for local music stores in your area and doing business with them. We do sell student-model instruments on our website, if that is a route you’d like to go. We can also special order for more professional-model instruments as well if you are looking. 


Q: How do I pay online for my rental?

 Here is the direct link.  To navigate there on our website, it is the first tab in the drop down menu of instrument rentals tab.



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