Repair Shop

Our Milano Music repair department is here to provide you with quality work performed by over twenty highly trained and specialized repair technicians!

Our string repair shop specializes in setups, installations, crack repairs, neck re-sets and restorations. We can restring your instrument for you while you wait.

Our band repair shop shop is a full service repair facility specializing in everything from minor repairs to repads and overhauls.

Our brass repair services include chemical cleaning, dent removal, soldering, slide/tube/body alignments, and piston/casing work.

Our woodwind repair technicians offer cork replacement, pad replacement, leak sealing, binding and bent key work, dent removal, cleanings and adjustments.

Come in and see us today for a free estimate so we can get your instrument playing and sounding beautifully! Remember, if you rent an instrument from us, all repairs to that instrument are free. Contact us with any questions!