Rental Instrument Cleaning

Milano Music Rental Instrument Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures:

The CDC has suggested the COVID-19 virus can remain on brass up to 5 days, wood for up to 4 days, metal strings and plastics up to 3 days, and cork surfaces for up to 2 days.

With these suggestions in mind, after preparing a rental instrument for a new customer we quarantine each rental instrument for at least 5 days.

In addition to quarantining our instruments, we are taking the following precautions on all our rental instruments:

String Instruments:

The strings, fingerboard, chin rest, fine tuners, pegs, known as high touch areas, are cleaned with a cloth and SteriSpray and allowed to air dry. SteriSpray is an ammonium chloride-based solution that is effective on plastic, metal, and ebony.

Next, we clean the bow frog, bow grip, fiberglass bow stick, and screw with the SteriSpray and allow that to air dry as well.

Brass and Woodwind Instruments:

Our brass instruments get a multistep chemical clean and washing that covers the entirety of the inside and outside of each instrument. These steps include a wash with anti-bacterial soap, an industrial degreasing, an acid dip, and finally a spray with an antiviral disinfectant/deodorant.

For woodwind instruments we hand clean and polish the outside of the instrument and then clean the bore (inside) of each instrument with our antiviral disinfectant/deodorant.

All brass and woodwind mouthpieces are first cleaned and brushed using antibacterial soap and water, then sprayed thoroughly with Mi-T-Mist (alcohol based sanitizer), allowed to air dry, and then bagged and labeled “Sanitized”.

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