Layaway & Financing


Musical instruments are an investment. At Milano Music Center we have layaway and financing plans to fit any budget. These plans are flexible and accessible, allowing you to take home the best instrument possible.

Layaway at Milano Music Center

Our layaway plan is an excellent option for musicians who want to pay for an instrument over time with no interest. This allows you to put down 20% of the instrument's price and pay the remaining balance within 90 days. With layaway, the instrument remains at Milano Music until the full balance is paid. 

Financing Musical Instruments and Gear

At Milano Music we offer multiple financing options that allow you to take home your instrument right away. Financing allows you to make monthly payments on your instrument rather than paying out one large sum up front. This splits up your music purchase into smaller payments that can be made over time. 

One popular option is through Synchrony Financial. This allows you to decide how much you would like to spend up front and take your instrument and gear home the same day. The remaining balance is then settled directly with Synchrony Financial. Milano Music partners with Synchrony Financial to offer a promotional interest free repayment period of six months. 

We also offer Pay Later through PayPal. This convenient service is available on almost every piece of equipment in our store. With Pay Later, you can split up the cost of the instrument you want into four equal payments, with one payment made every two weeks.

Financing Music Equipment Made Easy From Milano Music

Milano Music Center is one of the southwest's biggest and most trusted music centers. We have a passion for great music and love providing high-quality instruments to talented musicians. We've had the honor of seeing our instruments spark the creativity of countless performers, from traveling musicians to children discovering the joy of making music.

For the past 75 years, Milano Music Center has been making it easy for musicians to get high-quality instruments at an affordable price. We would also love to be a part of your musical journey, with flexible and convenient financing and layaway options to suit every need. 

Call us at 480-827-1111 to learn more about our financing options and to discover how we can help you get started on your musical journey!


Featured Image Credit: PrinceOfLove/Shutterstock