What Is the JET Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece? The JET is a bright saxophone mouthpiece with excellent projection, extra easy altissimo register and yet can be played with a warm versatile feel. The JodyJazz JET Alto Saxophone mouthpiece is free...
The SUPER JET is a Silver-Plated Brass Mouthpiece developed specifically with the Smooth Jazz, Rock and Funk player in mind. It’s a very contemporary sounding mouthpiece with many characteristics we have not offered in our range up until this...
$8,892.00 $5,423.00
Brass body construction, 5.25" bell diameter, rolled tone holes, gold lacquer finish
$7,292.00 $4,673.00
Large bow and bell, straight tone holes, high F# key, antique finish
$11,198.00 $8,029.00
Defined as the industry standard in two-piece sopranos, the Selmer Paris Series III provides you with all the facility and sound you will ever need. The Series III soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones epitomize speed. Lightning-quick response and...
$5,499.00 $3,529.00
Professional line Selmer 44 Warburton edition Tenor Saxophone - Comes with Warburton custom silver neck - Henri Selmer Paris Mouthpiece - High F# key - Ribbed construction - Silver plated - Adjustable right hand thumbrest - hand engraved - comes...
$3,480.00 $2,488.99
This Intermediate saxophone is designed to make the step up from your student model smooth and enjoyable. With a design influenced by high-end Yamaha saxophones, the YAS-480C features highly accurate intonation, a warm tone and a quick response. It is...
$6,208.00 $4,565.99
Custom Z alto saxophone with hand engraved one-piece bell, mother of pearl key buttons with high F# and front F keys. Black finish with gold lacquer keys. Comes with Yamaha 4CM mouthpiece and Yamaha Custom Z case.
$5,911.00 $4,204.99
One-piece bell with hand engraved decoration, mother of pearl key buttons and high F# and front F keys. Gold lacquer finish. Comes with Yamaha 4CM mouthpiece and Yamaha Custom EX case.