$6,500.00 $4,450.00
Through the careful selection of materials and the Altus dedication to handmade craftsmanship, the Artist Series achieves an unparalleled balance between performance quality and affordability. Artist Series flutes feature handmade silver-plated...
A professional clarinet of exceptional character and versatility, the Model F represents the future, not the past. Consider it a signal to clarinetists around the world that tradition has a new name. That name is Backun. With an automatic Low F Vent...
The New Q Series Clarinet is the latest masterpiece in the line of Backun professional clarinets. Developed for artists who seek a more traditional playing clarinet, the Q Series offers exceptional intonation and response in a...
$6,989.00 $4,092.00
The R13 Greenline series of clarinets follows the same manufacturing process as the 100% grenadlla R13s. Thanks to the addition of carbon fibers, Green Line clarinets withstand admirably to variations in atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity)...
$6,989.00 $4,092.00
The Legendary Choice of Professionals was created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is the most popular professional clarinet in the world. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. Its flexibility lends itself to all...
$8,190.00 $5,730.00
Sterling silver Haynes Classic headjoint – from the Haynes Boston workshop Sterling silver body and footjoint Nickel silver mechanism Drawn toneholes with soldered C# tonehole Offset G key B footjoint
$8,892.00 $5,423.00
Brass body construction, 5.25" bell diameter, rolled tone holes, gold lacquer finish
$7,292.00 $4,673.00
Large bow and bell, straight tone holes, high F# key, antique finish
$6,208.00 $4,565.99
Custom Z alto saxophone with hand engraved one-piece bell, mother of pearl key buttons with high F# and front F keys. Black finish with gold lacquer keys. Comes with Yamaha 4CM mouthpiece and Yamaha Custom Z case.
$5,911.00 $4,204.99
One-piece bell with hand engraved decoration, mother of pearl key buttons and high F# and front F keys. Gold lacquer finish. Comes with Yamaha 4CM mouthpiece and Yamaha Custom EX case.