Backun Q Series A Clarinet Grenadilla with Silver Keys and Left-Hand Eb Lever

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Q Series - The Q Series Clarinet offers those who prefer a more traditional French-style instrument the chance to experience the world of Backun. We combine modern manufacturing techniques and treatments, including a carbon fibre middle joint ring, with naturally unstained grenadilla wood and brilliant silver-plated keywork to produce an instrument with truly familiar feel and playability. Inline trill keys move the tone holes out of the waterline while the Backun proprietary manufacturing process ensures a precision bore and perfectly sculpted tone holes that produce impeccable intonation and response. With upgraded custom black leather pads and silencing materials that provide unrivaled comfort and response, Q Series Clarinets are now paired with two Backun Lumière Barrels and a Lumière Bell, adding further refinement and playability throughout all registers. An affordable masterpiece, the Q Series is the classic choice.