$5,650.00 $3,675.00
SPECIFICATIONS Weight 10 lbs Dimensions 24 x 14 x 12 in ________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Leadpipe VRII reverse – square and round tuning slide...
This 1939 King Liberty has been expertly reconditioned to look like new. Comes complete with mouthpiece and case. Any questions please speak with our band and orchestra department at (480)-827-1111.
This used Leblanc Symphony II B-Flat Trumpet is an amazing playing historic horn that needs to be a part of any trumpet collection. In good condition.
$6,315.00 $4,651.99
Introducing the second generation of the Xeno Artist Model "New York" series Bb and C trumpets. In collaboration with David Bilger, Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Yamaha trumpet designers scrutinized the redesign of parts and...
$3,679.00 $2,567.99
Over the 20+ year history of the series, Xeno trumpets have continued to evolve with the artists who play them. In 2014, drawing from the knowledge and innovative concepts learned through the development of the Artist Model Chicago C trumpet, the entire...
$2,644.00 $1,668.99
Bb Trumpet, ML bore (11.65mm;0.459''), allround model, silver plated, with 2-piece bell (123mm; 4-7/8'') from YTR-4335GS, parts from YTR-6335S & custom models, mouthpiece 14B4(for YCA,YC)