$6,113.00 $4,280.00
This professional Q series Haynes flute comes with the following features: Sterling silver Haynes Classic headjoint – from the Haynes Boston workshop 14k Gold Riser Nickel silver body, footjoint, and mechanism Drawn toneholes with soldered C#...
$11,357.00 $7,950.00
Sterling silver handcut classic headjoint Sterling silver body, mechanism, ribs, posts Pinless left-hand mechanism Drawn toneholes
*NOT AVAILABLE FOR EQUITY CONVERSION* What an amazing flute!  This instrument is Sterling Silver with a .018 wall and soldered tone holes.  Also includes offset G, B foot and a C# trill!  The Sterling Silver headjoint is "P" cut with a...
Haynes Q Fusion 9K Fusion Custom Handmade P Style Headjoint 9K Fusion Body Sterling Silver Mechanism, Ribs, and Posts Pinless Left-Hand Mechanism Drawn Toneholes C# Trill Key
$6,829.00 $4,780.00
Sterling silver Haynes Classic headjoint – from the Haynes Boston workshop Sterling silver body and footjoint Nickel silver mechanism Drawn toneholes with soldered C# tonehole Offset G key B footjoint
$879.00 $659.25
The Jupiter Model JFL700 closed-hole flute is an excellent choice for the beginning flute player. This series utilizes a high nickel content in their entire flute tubing to produce an excellent sound quality.  FEATURES: Silver-Plated Nickel...
925 sterling silver head-joint and body Classic Cut Headjoint silver plated nickelsilver mechanism drawn toneholes special soldered C#-tonehole riser stainless steel springs pitch 442 Hz
Looking for an upgraded flute headjoint?  Try this beauty out today!    The wonderful Altus headjoint is made with Britannia Silver which is 95.8% silver!  The headjoint is Altus's Classic cut and also includes a 14k gold riser...