$2,400.00 $1,920.00
ETR824  Key of Bb, .459” medium large bore One-piece, standard weight, yellow brass bell Stainless steel valves Two-piece valve casing w/ nickel-silver balusters Silver-plated Deluxe wood shell case Shires USA 3C Mouthpiece
$3,480.00 $2,436.00
900DLX Eterna "Deluxe"   Bore Size: .460" Slides:Hand lapped nickel silver Mouthpipe:Sterling silver Bell:4¾" sheet & sheet copper Intonation Aids:First slide saddle, fixed third slide ring Special FeaturesSolid bronze valve...
$3,480.00 $2,436.00
Created for use by professional musicians of any playing style. A bell and mouthpipe combination handcrafted for that full, controlled, yet sparkling tone desired in an all purpose trumpet. The ideal choice of artists demanding the utmost quality and...
$2,206.00 $1,659.00
King "Silver Flair" USA - .462" bore, seamless bell, Monel pistons, 1st slide trigger, silver-plate finish
About the Model 180S37 Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both an accomplished musician and a talented engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius instruments today...
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Welcome to the World of Mariachi A proud tradition in Mexico, Mariachi style bands are also popular around the world. Essential instrumentation includes trumpet as well as violin, guitar, and instruments that are unique to Mariachi such as guitarron...
$2,644.00 $1,668.99
Bb Trumpet, ML bore (11.65mm;0.459''), allround model, silver plated, with 2-piece bell (123mm; 4-7/8'') from YTR-4335GS, parts from YTR-6335S & custom models, mouthpiece 14B4(for YCA,YC)