Hetman Tuning Slide Grease/Gel (#6.5. #7, #7.5, #8, #10)

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7. SLIDE-GEL™ - This special tuning slide lubricant provides long-lasting seal and firm slide motion. A premium, hi-viscosity product that will not bunch-up in the ends of slide tubes. Adhesive formulation protects slides against corrosion and wear. Packaged in 22 ml bottles with special dropper tip applicator. PN: H7-SGL-22.

7.5. SLIDE-GEL PLUS™ -Slightly more viscous than #7, yet still lighter than #8. Designed as a replacement for the now-discontinued #9 lubricant.

8. PREMIUM SLIDE GREASE &endash; A long-lasting slide lubricant of heavier consistency, this premium slide grease keeps slides airtight and moving smoothly. Packaged in 10 cc jars. PN: H8-SGR-10.

10. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT GREASE - This unique product features a nontoxic, synthetic lubricating grease packaged in a convenient, sealable, dispensing syringe. Woodwind and Brasswind applications include: flat springs and tracks (bronze & steel), pivot screws, clamp screws, wing screws, sax neck screws, linkage joints, lever hinges, ball joints, and threads (valve stems, valve caps and screw bells). In addition to superior wear protection and extreme pressure performance, this plastics-safe, synthetic grease is waterproof and helps to prevent rust. Available in a 10cc jar or 10 cc syringe applicator. PN: H10-MIG-10.