This model produces terrific overtones, perfect for students who are quickly advancing in skill. Made with loft dried spruce top and flamed maple back and sides, these instruments are professionally graduated to produce an amazing tone with effortless...
Based out of Brea California. The Raul Moretti viola is outfitted with a full set of Dominant strings. Completed with ebony fingerboard; a boxed wood chin rest, tailpiece, and pegs. Does not include case or bow.
$2,359.00 $1,888.00
  Albert Nebel violins, violas, and cellos provide famous quality at a modest price.These instruments are crafted from aged European tonewoods and are varnished by hand in the Eastman Strings workshop. Aged European tone woods...
The varnish we use on our model 405 instruments emulates the exceptional varnishes from a century ago where a small number of master workshops in Markneukirchen, Germany distinguished themselves by developing some of the best varnishes of the modern era...
$4,978.00 $3,985.00
Frederich Wyss violins, violas, and cellos are the pinnacle of modern European luthiery tradition. The finest available European tonewoods are meticulously crafted by makers working in the tradition established in Germany centuries ago. Tonally adjusted...
$2,610.00 $1,958.00
The Jean-Pierre Lupot is composed of select spruce top, as well as flamed maple back, ribs, and scroll. Antique multi-layer spirit varnish with deep red wine hues. Ebony fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and chin rest. Modeled after the Stradivarius pattern...
$6,517.00 $4,888.00
The Jonathan Li is crafted with the stunning flamed maple back with a straight medium-grain spruce top. A refined, golden colored oil varnish enhances the tonal quality of this instrument.
$4,320.00 $3,060.00
Galiano 8 Crafted in Germany made with well-aged wood Warm tone instrument only
$2,275.00 $1,710.00
with case and bow
$1,850.00 $1,390.00
with case and bow
Assembled, dressed, fitted, tonally adjusted, and polished all within Krutz’s Kansas City workshop. This viola is made from hand-carved tonewoods, including a spruce top and a maple back, ribs and scroll. The A630 is outfitted with an ebony chin...
$1,185.00 $890.00
Legato 100 Viola Spruce top. Maple side and back. with case and bow.
$875.00 $660.00
Spruce top, maple back and ribs Ebony fingerboard French bridge Prelude strings Viola with bow and case
$2,399.00 $1,800.00
Well-aged Spruce top Curly Maple back instrument only
Transparent, warm sound with antique dark brown varnish. Easy to response, made of nicely flamed maple, and seasoned spruce top. The maker combine distinctive workmanship and quality material to produce truly fine viola for the dedicated student or...