Artist Series Lead tenor trombone in full brushed, lacquered finish. Stands apart with stunning visual appearance. Handspun 8″ yellow brass bell and 0.508″ bore delivers compact, projected sound. Square (dual) radius at the end of the...
$3,685.00 $1,889.00
The King 2B trombone is built with a classic jazz trombone style in mind.  It features a yellow brass bell which creates a quick response.  A vintage balancer and deluxe style bell engraving are included on this trombone.  A sleek hard...
$1,949.00 $1,629.00
- Brushed brass matte finish
$2,099.00 $1,699.00
Classification - Performance Series Key of Bb/F Bore - Large, .547" Bell Diameter - 8.5" Wrap - Traditional Shank - Large F Rotor - Traditional Lead Pipe - Yellow Brass Body...
$1,479.00 $1,279.00
BTR1460S Key of Bb Bore - ML 0.460" Bell Diameter - 5" Lead Pipe - Rose Brass Body Material - Yellow Brass Bell Material - Yellow Brass; Two-piece Outer Slide - Nickel Silver Outer Slides Finger Buttons - Plastic Finish -...
Call For Availability: 480-827-1111   2-piece screw rim trumpet mouthpiece from Bob Reeves Mouthpeices (Hollywood, CA). Only in-stock mouthpieces are shown on this website.  All sizes not available can be ordered through us as a special order...
$599.00 $499.00
The Chateau CTR-28 is an excellent instrument for all beginning trumpet players. It has a .460" bore, 5" bell, and a nickel silver and lacquer finish.
Four valve euphonium with non-compensating valve systems. Key of Bb, .571” bore, rose brass leadpipe 11” yellow brass upright bell 4 pistons - top action Epoxy lacquer finish Mouthpiece and case
$1,520.00 $1,216.00
ETR520  Key of Bb, .460” medium large bore Handspun, engraved, yellow brass bell Soldered, wire-reinforced bell Torch-annealed bell tail Silver-plated Mouthpiece and case
$2,400.00 $1,920.00
ETR824  Key of Bb, .459” medium large bore One-piece, standard weight, yellow brass bell Stainless steel valves Two-piece valve casing w/ nickel-silver balusters Silver-plated Deluxe wood shell case Shires USA 3C Mouthpiece
Detachable Bell French Horn Case
These trombone cases are the last of their kind! Brand new fiberglass tenor trombone cases. Get them while we have them, because they are discontinued after we run out!
Original Glenn Cronkhite leather gig bag with high density foam interior.
Call For Availability: 480-827-1111   Houser two-piece stainless steel horn cup.  Threads are compatible with Giardinelli threads.
Call For Availability: 480-827-1111   Houser stainless steel French horn rim.  Threads compatible with Giardinelli threads.