Original Glenn Cronkhite gig bag for tenor trombone in black leather with high density foam interior.
Houser two-piece stainless steel horn cup.  Threads are compatible with Giardinelli threads.
Houser stainless steel French horn rim.  Threads compatible with Giardinelli threads.
Backboress for the renowned Houser Tuba mouthpiece line. Choose one along with a cup and rim to create your perfect tuba mouthpiece!
Cups for the renowned Houser Tuba mouthpiece line. Choose one along with a rim and backbore to create your perfect tuba mouthpiece!
Rims for the renowned Houser Tuba mouthpiece line. Choose one along with a cup and backbore to create your perfect tuba mouthpiece!
$2,139.00 $1,449.00
The Jupiter 1110RS intermediate Bb trumpet with rose-brass bell, standard leadpipe and impeccable intonation comes with features that are often usually found on professional-level instruments. It is well suited for the player wanting balanced tone...
$2,049.00 $1,379.00
The JFH1110R features a professional design with a .413" small bore design. Featuring the upgrade of the Rose Brass Bell (warmer tone) as well as the 3rd valve tuning slide trigger, the JFH1110R is one of the best intermediate flugelhorns available...
The Jupiter JTR700 standard Bb Trumpet has a lacquered brass body with stainless steel pistons. This free blowing, well-balanced instrument is designed to be comfortable for the younger player and beginner while at the same time having a full sound with...
$2,206.00 $1,659.00
King "Silver Flair" USA - .462" bore, seamless bell, Monel pistons, 1st slide trigger, silver-plate finish
Classic Series Mouthpieces are great for people who are new to Monette equipment. They are forgiving of some body tension and misalignment that is commonly left over from years of playing conventional mouthpieces. Players with unresolved...
Prana Series Mouthpieces are the "high performance" version of Monette mouthpieces. While the Classic mouthpieces feel like driving a luxury sedan, Prana mouthpieces are sports cars! The response is faster, the sound is bigger and the upper register...
The Silver Series are the four most popular all-around sizes we make, these mouthpieces are made to be a big improvement over conventional designs on any key of trumpet and silver plated to keep the cost down for entry level players.
$279.00 $209.25
Single / Double / Triple Horn ZIP Case  Protec’s ZIP cases feature strong lightweight ABS protection! This case features modular padded dividers and fit blocks that allow you to fit your ideal mix of horns, mutes, and other accessories...
Platinum Series high performance gig bags are designed for pro musicians needing extreme protection, durability, mobility, and organization.Comfort Features Thickly padded backpack straps with tuck away pocket Removable padded shoulder strap...