$9,645.00 $7,050.00
Through the careful selection of materials and the Altus dedication to handmade craftsmanship, the Artist Series achieves an unparalleled balance between performance quality and affordability. Artist Series flutes feature handmade silver-plated...
$7,995.00 $6,395.00
A purchase from this listing only purchases ONE clarinet, NOT three. Please select an option from the dropdown menu to purchase one of these clarinets. The three Backun MoBa clarinets pictured were cracked and have been fully repaired by Backun and play...
$7,713.00 $5,799.00
The Bach 50AF3 bass trombone features a dual valve, independent system.  The dual “Infinity” valves offer a very open feel, but eliminate the metal to metal contact found in other axial-flow designs.  The one piece hand hammered...
$8,980.00 $7,184.00
EBC-632 EASTMAN CC tuba, silver plated finish (lacquer pictured) no case.  4/4 size tuba with 20" bell and 4 front action pistons of .687" bore.  Right thumb operated 5th rotor valve is a flat whole step. 
$11,275.00 $6,950.00
Sterling silver handcut classic headjoint Sterling silver body, mechanism, ribs, posts Pinless left-hand mechanism Drawn toneholes