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Scherzer 8111G-2-0 (Silver) B-flat/A Rotary Piccolo Trumpet

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The J. Scherzer 8111G-2-0 rotary valve piccolo trumpet in Bb/A allows ease of playing with a warm and comforting sound, ideal for mastering the Baroque trumpet repertoire.

  • Key : High-Bb/A
  • Bore : .409"
  • Bell : 3.937" gold brass bell
  • Valves : 4 in line conical rotary valves, 3B linkage system
  • Water Keys : 1 lever-style on 4th valve slide
  • Finish : Silver (Clear lacquer pictured)
  • Case : Double hard wood-shell
  • Accessories : Mouthpiece, rotor oil, slide grease, torx/Alan wrenches, cleaning cloth and rod
  • Features : 4 interchangeable silver plated lead pipe tapers (3 inBb, 1 in A), adjustable hand rest/rod, 3rd valve slide trigger for left index finger action, gold brass body

Scherzer 8111G-2-0 (Silver) B-flat/A Rotary Piccolo Trumpet Reviews

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