$7,650.00 $5,508.00
The EBB623 is a 4/4 size “Germanic” instrument with four rotary valves and a bore of .835”. This tuba is a tightly wrapped instrument, which makes it more manageable than other instrumentsof similar size. Key of BBb 4/4 size tuba...
$7,960.00 $6,368.00
EBC-632 EASTMAN CC tuba, no case.  4/4 size tuba with 20" bell and 4 front action pistons of .687" bore.  Right thumb operated 5th rotor valve is a flat whole step. 
$13,500.00 $10,800.00
EBC836  The EBC836 is a 6/4 size tuba inspired by the legendary York orchestral CC tuba. This large tuba is at home on stage with a symphony orchestra or concert band, in the pit of a opera or ballet orchestra, and is nimble enough to play in small...