$2,099.00 $1,699.00
Classification - Performance Series Key of Bb/F Bore - Large, .547" Bell Diameter - 8.5" Wrap - Traditional Shank - Large F Rotor - Traditional Lead Pipe - Yellow Brass Body...
ETB310 Key of Bb, .500” medium bore 8” handspun yellow brass bell Hand-matched nickel-silver outer slide Clear lacquer finish Mouthpiece and case
$1,820.00 $1,456.00
ETB422G Key of Bb, .525” medium large bore 8.5” handspun gold brass bell Open wrap with rotary valve in F Clear lacquer finish Mouthpiece and case
$1,989.00 $1,349.00
Jupiter Valve Trombone Key of Bb Silver-plated
DESCRIPTION: With its durable nickel silver outer slides, the JTB700 is a great beginning instrument featuring a .500" bore and chromed inner slides.  FEATURES: Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an...
$2,625.00 $1,879.00
The XO 1632 tenor trombone is the result of years of development with the assistance of world-renowned artist, John Fedchock, and is based upon his personal specifications and preferences. “The warmth and response of the rose brass bell...
"Well-loved" 1940's Conn 30H tenor trombone. Dual bore .494/.507. Has been through our repair department and is in good working condition. For any questions, please contact our band and orchestra department at (480)-827-1111.