Stomvi Titan 4-Valve Edition Flugelhorn

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 12 in
Bell #36(4V)


Bell Diameter

6 inches




Silver Plated, Gold Plated


#3(4V) / #5(4V)


4th Valve Slide in F / E
Triggered 1st Slide

Trim Kit




  • Full resonant sound rich with harmonics
    Like a 7 string guitar or a Bösendorfer 97 key piano our 4 Valve Edition offer more colors in the sound than ever before possible. Created with an advanced, acoustically damped air column.
  • Extremely easy to play
    Strong partials, combined with our advanced air column make these horns extremely easy to play.
  • Alternate fingerings
    The 4th valve offers many alternate fingerings usable for tricky passages or intonation purposes.


  • Easier Upper Register
    Properly applied acoustic damping combined with mechanical and our proprietary alloys and acoustic treatments make the upper register easier than ever before.
  • Increased Endurance
    Not having to distort your embouchure for intonation or low notes allows for
    less work and thus more endurance.
  • Usable Low Register
    The 4th valve lowers the pitch of the horn by a 4th (or tri-tone in the case of our Flugelhorn and Corno Da Caccia) and  acts as a bridge into the pedal register – You can now play pieces encompassing a 3 ½ to 4 octave range or more. Notes formally thought of as pedal tones are now usable notes.
    — Carmen Prelude to act 2 low F on Bb trumpet
    — Ein Heldenleiben 2nd Eb trumpet part can now be played on Titan 4 Valve edition Bb or C trumpet
    — 2nd movement of the Shastokovich piano concerto #1 on C trumpet
    — Low F in 2nd trumpet part of “Wicked”