DW 9120AL-BR Tractor Seat - Air Lift with Back Rest

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DW Airlift drum thrones build on everything drummers loved in the Workhorse series, with some added luxury. Most notably, The DW 9120AL's pneumatic lift system rockets you to any playing height in a flash. This is useful not only for finding your sweet spot on the drum kit, but also for moving between stations onstage and in your home studio. Also new is the Quad-leg folding base, which resists toppling in any direction. And as with the 9120M, the DW 9120AL Airlift drum throne's oversized tractor seat with thick foam padding cradles your spine and legs for all-night relief. If you don't mind trading a penny of mobility for a pound of comfort, the DW DWCP9100BR backrest makes a nice upgrade for your drum throne. The DWCP9100BR is compatible with Airlift Series thrones.