925 sterling silver head-joint and body Classic Cut Headjoint silver plated nickelsilver mechanism drawn toneholes special soldered C#-tonehole riser stainless steel springs pitch 442 Hz
Looking for an upgraded flute headjoint?  Try this beauty out today!    The wonderful Altus headjoint is made with Britannia Silver which is 95.8% silver!  The headjoint is Altus's Classic cut and also includes a 14k gold riser...
Solid Silver Flute Open Hole Inline G B Foot
Open Hole Offset G B Foot Gizmo Key Sterling Silver Body  D-1 Headjoint Silver Plated Keys Mechanisms French Style Keys Pointed Arms The D1 headjoint is diMedici's standard cut. Designed for the most comfortable response, yet...
     YPC-32 Specifications Level Standard Key of C Body Style Standard Body Material ABS Resin Headjoint Nickel Silver; Conical Bore Key Material Nickel Silver Footjoint N/A Plating Silver...