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Stomvi Titan 4 Valve Edition C Trumpet

$6,250.00 $4,375.00
(You save $1,875.00)

Model #5297 Bellflex / Model #5598 Copper

Technical Specifications:
Bore: XL
Bell: Copper #27
Bell diameter: 125 mm
Leadpipe: #1
4th valve Slide G
Trigger on 1st Slide
Titanium trim kit
Finish: silver plated 1000 thousandth

Whether you want to play solo concertos, arrangements of other instruments pieces or to play in orchestra, this 4 valve C trumpet will delight anyone who tries it. 

Especially pleasant to orchestra players, since with it they will not need anymore to play with the B flat trumpets if an excerpt is too low. It is also a lot easier to get in tune thanks to the different fingerings possible, giving more resources. 

In addition, due to its really wide and always noble sound, the “to-loud-feeling” disappear, the sound is never strident.

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