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Stomvi Mambo Titanium B Flat trumpet

$4,200.00 $3,000.00
(You save $1,200.00)

The Stomvi Mambo Titanium Bb Trumpet is an extra large bore with a deep fat sound that can sizzle up top.

The Stomvi Mambo trumpet is great for:

–Commercial lead playing
–Jazz ensembles
–Dixie and Brass band
–Concert and Symphonic Band
–Chamber ensembles
–Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Advanced Students


The Mambo Titanium offers the classic sound and feel of a traditional extra large bore trumpet in an updated package. The big warm sound can easily be brightened up to get plenty of cut when needed. The Mambo Titanium responds quickly, plays even and in tune in all registers and maintains a full core of sound at any volume. This is due to our advanced acoustic design.

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