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Bach 190S43W2 "Centennial" B-Flat Trumpet

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The year 2018 represents a milestone in the history of Vincent Bach manufacturing. Having starting his business in 1918, master craftsman Vincent Bach created a legacy that has continued over the last 100 years. To celebrate this achievement, Bach released the all new 190S43W2 “Centennial” commemorative Bb trumpet model.


• Professional #43 bell with a side-seam resulting in a quick response and a brilliant tone

• Combination of two-piece valve construction, nickel silver outer slides, brass valve guides, and a steel bell wire provides a broad sound with a quick response and great feedback to the player

• A .459" medium-large bore produces a well-rounded sound for all types of music


• .459" medium-large bore

• Two-piece brass/nickel silver valve casings

• #43 one-piece, hand-hammered yellow brass bell with side seam

• Round steel bell wire

• Standard construction #25 mouthpipe

• Monel pistons

• Nickel silver outer/brass inner slide tubes

• 1st slide thumb saddle

• Adjustable 3rd slide rod stop

• Genuine Vincent Bach 3C mouthpiece

• Silver-plate finish with gold-plate trim

• Deluxe C180AB commemorative woodshell case

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