B-STOCK Schilke P5-4BG B Flat/A Piccolo Trumpet

$5,585.00 $3,495.00
(You save $2,090.00)

Model P5-4BG
Four Valve Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
Bore: M -.450" (11.42 mm)
Bell: S – 4" (101.60 mm) Copper Bell with #8 taper. 

The definitive piccolo trumpet in construction and sound, the P5-4 is the reference standard for piccolo trumpets in the world today. Characterized by its superior intonation and even “feel” in all ranges, this classic model is the preferred choice of the orchestral musician and soloist. The P5-4 sound is the most recorded piccolo sound in performance over the last 30+ years!

This model is the “Butler/Geyer”
Additional “Over under” first valve slide saddle & “Over under” third valve slide ring to assist in fine-tuning. This modification was originally produced for Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer, currently Professors of Trumpet at Northwestern University.

This instrument has two small dings in the bell, and has been discounted by $300 accordingly. These cosmetic imperfections do not affect the instrument's sound or playability in any way.